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Hair & Makeup
The Mall Maidstone
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  • Mackup
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Micro Bead Hair Extentions


Micro Bead Hair Extensions are 100% Human Hair, AAA Remy and Double Drawn (thick from root to ends).

They can be Cut and Styled just the same as your natural Hair.

They are available in different colours to match your existing Hair colour.

The beads I use come with silicone lined bead which make application easier and a tighter hold.

The Hair Extensions are available in 20 inch.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions involves taking a small copper silicone bead tube that connects to a section of your hair that is equivalent to the width of the strand of the Hair Extension. NO GLUES, NO WAXES, NO HEAT IS USED - the bond is simply clamped closed.

These Extensions can be reused and i believe that this technique is the healthiest way to have Hair Extensions as they do not damage the natural hair and it is chemical free.

The process of fitting these beautiful locks takes between 2 - 3 hours.


Maintaining the Micro Bead Extensions is extremely important to keep the Extensions looking fresh and in good condition and tightened to keep the hair beautiful and in place.

we recommend having maintenance (pushed up and fresh beads where necessary) every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows.

we supply an aftercare sheet to my clients which details on how to take care of your Micro Bead Hair Extensions so they will continue to look and feel natural.

The Mall Maidstone
  • Full Head of Micro Bead Hair Extensions Supplied & Fitting
  • Fitting only
  • Maintenance
    (to include fresh beads)
  • Removal of Extensions
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